My Boys

some days, a song I've heard over and over resonates so deeply it brings me to tears and reminds me of why I bother with all that I bother with. my family.  


And the blogging begins again....

with a photo of my latest obsession: the ruffler foot for my new Bernina Aurora 450.
I am pregnant with my second baby, sex unknown, but let me tell you, if it is a girl, this foot is gonna get a lot of use - polka dots and ruffles!! ;)


Back in action!

My amazing computer was stolen out of my house, while we were sleeping, on June 22nd. I haven't posted since it happened. New things are evolving and need to be documented. Current theme for my life:


Photo del dia: MOWO and Rescue Fashion Show 2009

This photo was taken by friend Sarah Viles at a collaborative fashion show from Rescue Moderne Consignment and MOsely WOtta last year. Rescue is a great spot for reasonable clothes, shoes and accessories (their building is where I have my studio). MOWO doesn't make clothes, but paints and draws on them which takes them to the next level. I was the shortest and thickest of the models, but worked it and had fun. Fun flashback!


utilitu Street Style: Caitlin's custom braided cowl

Caitlin Cardier has lungs that are as deep as Voronya Cave, which allow her to sing as beautifully and powerfully as a full gospel choir. Seriously. Her charisma shines on stage, as does her sincerity, self confidence and originality. She recently performed at Artisphere here in Bend while rocking utilitu! I made her a custom braided cowl with chain braided in and other chains, charm and tassle attached to the loop. Turned out super dope! I am anti-flash, so the photos didn't turn out as crisp as they would have; oh well. Here's a video from her set after the sound had crapped out - and instead of throwing up her hands and walking away, she threw up her hands and rocked it acapella!

Custom Lime Ties for Kristie & Mikee

Second round of custom wedding ties! These bright ones were for friends Kristie and Mikee, who live in Austin, TX, but got married yesterday (06.19) in Bend. The groomsmen wore the solid cotton lime, as did the ringbearer (the little guy tie on the end). Mikee had two choices: the satin solid green or polka dots. Of course, he chose the polka dots. They are a fashionable couple with great taste and it shined through in their wedding: classic car, slim cut pants with vests for the guys, different black and gray dresses for the girls and tasteful wedding dress on Kristie - cut low and strapless to showcase her lovely black and gray orchid tattoo. I hope to get professional photos from them as soon as I can... will share when I get them.