It's the simple things

A little girl and her family came into Treefort today, did a little browsing, chatting, etc. As they were about to leave, the girl whispers to her father then proceeds to scurry up and hand me a rock from one pocket "this is for you" and pulled a smaller rock from the other pocket "this is for him" (Sailor). She had collected those rocks from the Oregon coast, and gave them to us! I was touched. Here they are: Little kids can be so thoughtful.

Buy Local!

www.shalgoindustries.com for the mozaikits and other awesome products.


I made this tipi for Sailor for x-mas. I took the idea/measurements from one that a woman makes in Bend and made it a little different: a bit bigger, reversible, two doors instead of one. It's not perfect, but decent for being made in a couple of hours. And Sailor loves it!


Last night craft show...

was fun. Not too busy, but fun, nonetheless. Here are a few photos from the night: I had buttons, kitties, pants and slings for sale. 'the combover' logo on the pant tags. kitties! Sailor with Teafly, who was selling her prints and one-of-a-kind paintings/illustrations/etc. Also available on her Etsy shop here. I was so grateful that Sailor occupied himself with new toys and other kiddos for about 40 minutes - I needed a break from being the entertainer/snack bar.


baby Jodhpurs

I made a pair of psuedo-Jodhpurs for Sailor. I will be selling pairs at the Sprouts Craft show this Friday from 6-8pm...


Trunk Shows Happening Soon....

Please come find some treasures on Saturday at Habit for yrself and yr friends: Here's a sneak peek at a couple things you will find at the show (the scarves, not the RiseUp hoodie):

Finished Stockings

ORDER UP for one happy family in Long Beach!


Here is a (somewhat smaller than) life size mounted Unicorn head I made back in October. Its hanging at Treefort and if you heart it so so so much and just have to have it, you can buy it here.