Photo del dia: MOWO and Rescue Fashion Show 2009

This photo was taken by friend Sarah Viles at a collaborative fashion show from Rescue Moderne Consignment and MOsely WOtta last year. Rescue is a great spot for reasonable clothes, shoes and accessories (their building is where I have my studio). MOWO doesn't make clothes, but paints and draws on them which takes them to the next level. I was the shortest and thickest of the models, but worked it and had fun. Fun flashback!


utilitu Street Style: Caitlin's custom braided cowl

Caitlin Cardier has lungs that are as deep as Voronya Cave, which allow her to sing as beautifully and powerfully as a full gospel choir. Seriously. Her charisma shines on stage, as does her sincerity, self confidence and originality. She recently performed at Artisphere here in Bend while rocking utilitu! I made her a custom braided cowl with chain braided in and other chains, charm and tassle attached to the loop. Turned out super dope! I am anti-flash, so the photos didn't turn out as crisp as they would have; oh well. Here's a video from her set after the sound had crapped out - and instead of throwing up her hands and walking away, she threw up her hands and rocked it acapella!

Custom Lime Ties for Kristie & Mikee

Second round of custom wedding ties! These bright ones were for friends Kristie and Mikee, who live in Austin, TX, but got married yesterday (06.19) in Bend. The groomsmen wore the solid cotton lime, as did the ringbearer (the little guy tie on the end). Mikee had two choices: the satin solid green or polka dots. Of course, he chose the polka dots. They are a fashionable couple with great taste and it shined through in their wedding: classic car, slim cut pants with vests for the guys, different black and gray dresses for the girls and tasteful wedding dress on Kristie - cut low and strapless to showcase her lovely black and gray orchid tattoo. I hope to get professional photos from them as soon as I can... will share when I get them.


utilitu Street Style: Crazy for le LoOps!

Hooded Vest: worn by my Mama

I have strong oppositions to fleece in the fashion world. BUT, my Mama is my Mama, and she loves fleece. So, she's just about the only one I cave for with requests to fashionable fleece. This was a jacket I made for her, but I just couldn't get the sleeves to fit right, so we cut them off and made her a very stylish long hooded grape fleece vest with red denim yoke and hood. She loves it and I think it looks great on her. Win - win!


So distinguished.

This is the sample tie I made first before the 6 Buttercream ones. So distinguished in a very naughty way... read the text on the tie closely.



www.utilitusew.com is now up and running! My boyfriend, Rory, built it for me over the past month. He did a great job keeping it clean, simple and easy to navigate. The store on it right now is just a sample; we'll be working on the actual store over the next few weeks.


We got Chicks!

Two Rhode Island Reds, two Buff Orpingtons and two Black Sex Links. Yippee!

Custom Buttercream Ties

I recently had a couple come in and have me alter bridesmaids dresses and hem slacks for their wedding. Through conversation, I discovered they couldn't find ties to match. So, of course I offered to make them, if I found the right colored fabric... and voila! I did and they were happy as can be.


Photo del dia: Johnny and Marie Winters

My Great-Uncle Johnny and Aunt Marie were little people with big personalities and fantastic style. They always dressed to the nines - coats, ties, heels, jewels, fur. I never met my Aunt, but met my Uncle when I was very small. He had a huge smile. They were in a few films, including The Wizard of Oz. I love the collection of photos my family has from them... true treasures of an era.


My Dad

The ultimate DIYer... the most straightforward person I've ever met... one of the greatest men I've known. John Murphy 08/26/48 - 06/05/01


Photo del dia

Found on Design*Sponge.

utilitu and Owlita have le LoOp babies...

Owlita is now carrying a select line of le LoOps available only through owlita.com or Owlita retailers. Shelly Ciszek of Captain's Daughter Photography took these photos of our friends modeling the designs. Simone: Hillary: April: Astacia:

utilitu Street Style: Cloaked Characters!

My boyfriend, Rory is one half of one of my favorite Hip-Hop acts: Cloaked Characters. JT is the other half.... both are very talented MCs, poets and musical visionaries. utilitu sponsors them with all the le LoOps they want! They have a new video for their single "Go Lovely" featuring Joanna Lee. Check it out here. CCZ are rocking utilitu plaid scarves and Joanna is wearing Owlita Hyphy Prairie Pheasant feather earrings in the video - represent!

Felted Wool Rug

My brother Aaron and his girlfriend Christina of nine years finally got hitched in April, and this is what I made for them. Hand crocheted, felted and stitched border. This is the first rug I've ever made; I think it turned out pretty cool, and I'm currently working on a super large one for the new house that my boyfriend Rory and I just moved into.

i heart window art shows some window love!

Chris-T of i heart window art made my window awesome quite a few months ago... looks great both inside and out, and because of the palindromic state of utilitu, it is readable from both angles.

utilitu Street Style: Stephanie in her custom PLAIDMIRAL

Stephanie chose a beautiful red wool for her Plaidmiral and I chose to round the color up nicely with plum lining and plum buttons.

Cute Interruption!

My son, Sailor and a cupcake... joy incarnate.

utilitu Street Style: Middle and DJ Hit N Run of TOP SHELF

Public Service Fashion Tip #4

beauty and a braided cowl

Photo taken by Sarah Viles during the February 2010 LUPERCALIA IN LINGERIE Fashion Show at Velvet in downtown Bend, OR.

Public Service Fashion Tip #3