Yuvia & Marie modeling le loop!

introducing le loop!

The Fabric Necklaces now have a name: le loop! le loop will soon be available in Flagstaff, AZ!


Fabric Necklaces... hit the mark!

These are the latest creation/adaptation. I saw a thinner version of a knit necklace in the summer Urban Outfitters catalog, and decided I wanted one, but thicker and more versatile. This is what I came up with! My fabric necklaces can be worn at least 5 ways: ---> singled around the neck ---> doubled around the neck ---> tripled around the neck ---> doubled as a belt ---> tripled as a head wrap. They can also be dampened in the summer and worn around the neck to keep the wearer cool for hours. Pretty clever, no? This is lovely Kirby, with her new green one... Regan rocking the tripled look... And the doubled way... Baby Coco wearing the kiddo version as a head wrap. Preciosa!

New Dress Design - What do you think?

This dress is only draped for now... I like the neon twist on a slightly greek classical look. Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

The Combover DRESS

Dress made from vintage cotton with a nautical theme. Onesie underneath has ruffles on the bum. ridiculously adorable...

Baby Tuxedos for sale!

This is a poor quality photo, but I am selling these at Blue Lighthouse on Galveston in Bend, and hope to sell them at Black Wagon in Portland soon. For weddings... or everyday, because life is a celebration!


a couple Custom jobs from past months...

This is a custom tulle skirt I made for Molli Hogan, HoopMaster Extraordinaire! We designed this together for her Valentine's Day costume - she was a conversation heart that caused a lot of conversation! My fellow hot mama, April Baynes, does fire dancing every once in awhile and needed custom kneepads quick for a performance... so, these are what I whipped out! Pretty snazzy with the herringbone canvas and colorful vintage elastic.