The REAL Plaidmiral

Here is the actual fabric we are doing The Plaidmiral in... again, modeled by Emily.

Highlighter tunic & First Mate Formality skirt

This is a shot from the Rise Up photo shoot yesterday with Emily, a Bend high schooler who also models with Ford Models. She looked great in all of the clothes - especially the line I designed, in my opinion! The top is a simple long, semi-loose fitting tunic with asymmetrical detail weaving in the scoop neck. The skirt is a lightweight denim bubble skirt with removable suspenders. I'll post more photos when I get them. We're all getting very excited for Bread & Butter in Barcelona as well as MAGIC in Las Vegas. I'm excited-nervous-ecstatic-scared-inspired-motivated-challenged by the thoughts of potential success/failure. I hope people are stoked on what I'm putting out there!


The Plaidmiral

This is a jacket I designed for my latest project and first collaboration with Rise Up, called Rise Up Select by utilitu. Jesse, Maria & crew will be headed to Barcelona for the Bread and Butter Trade Show on January 21-23. The line is seven pieces total, and I will post photos/links as they become available. The gorgeous supermodel is my homegirl Cambria, who was visiting from McMinnville. This is not the fabric the jacket will be made from. This is a very old piece of wool I had and thought it filled the need.