Custom Diaper Bag

This is a custom diaper bag for a very happy mama to be. The fully lined bag boasts a zippered main pocket and front pocket, two more pockets on the front and one on each side, as well as three in the back. The front flap unzips into a diaper changing pad, and when zipped can hold easily accessible items like a blanket or jacket. Pretty sweet little bag!

utilitu Street Style: Ashley of Owlita

My best homegirl and creator of Owlita feather earrings, rocking a braided cowl in BRIGHT.... this color combo available exclusively through Owlita: get one here!



11:11 am This is the beginning of something new... not too sure exactly how that will manifest in my day to day, but I am realizing that this system is just not working for me, and therefore, I need to begin the steps of creating my own system that does. I am looking to truly sustainable resources, manual labor and non-conformity to create something in which I am proud and satisfied to be working towards; a full circle way of participating and existing in this life.


Knitta Please!

My baby daddy took this photo recently of a crocheted graffitti hit I did years ago in an alley behind the bar we both worked at the time. It's still there, tag and all, although the bright lime and neon pink it used to be has melted into the asphalt... To find more yarn grafitti, google 'Knitta Please' or check it on Facebook or MySpace.


Country Baked Yams

Loving this track this week.... Zion-I featuring Devin the Dude!


Still can't stop listening....

The Dirty Projectors 'Useful Chamber'

Chinese New Year's Resolution....

Keep on the blog! le LoOp Fan Photo of the day: Victor (rocking the braided cowl) and his homegirl Ashley at the opening of COUTURE in Portland.