It's the simple things

A little girl and her family came into Treefort today, did a little browsing, chatting, etc. As they were about to leave, the girl whispers to her father then proceeds to scurry up and hand me a rock from one pocket "this is for you" and pulled a smaller rock from the other pocket "this is for him" (Sailor). She had collected those rocks from the Oregon coast, and gave them to us! I was touched. Here they are: Little kids can be so thoughtful.

Buy Local!

www.shalgoindustries.com for the mozaikits and other awesome products.


I made this tipi for Sailor for x-mas. I took the idea/measurements from one that a woman makes in Bend and made it a little different: a bit bigger, reversible, two doors instead of one. It's not perfect, but decent for being made in a couple of hours. And Sailor loves it!


Last night craft show...

was fun. Not too busy, but fun, nonetheless. Here are a few photos from the night: I had buttons, kitties, pants and slings for sale. 'the combover' logo on the pant tags. kitties! Sailor with Teafly, who was selling her prints and one-of-a-kind paintings/illustrations/etc. Also available on her Etsy shop here. I was so grateful that Sailor occupied himself with new toys and other kiddos for about 40 minutes - I needed a break from being the entertainer/snack bar.


baby Jodhpurs

I made a pair of psuedo-Jodhpurs for Sailor. I will be selling pairs at the Sprouts Craft show this Friday from 6-8pm...


Trunk Shows Happening Soon....

Please come find some treasures on Saturday at Habit for yrself and yr friends: Here's a sneak peek at a couple things you will find at the show (the scarves, not the RiseUp hoodie):

Finished Stockings

ORDER UP for one happy family in Long Beach!


Here is a (somewhat smaller than) life size mounted Unicorn head I made back in October. Its hanging at Treefort and if you heart it so so so much and just have to have it, you can buy it here.


very late Halloween photos...

Erica and I dressed up as Salt N Pepa for Halloween this year. I made the jackets (turned out so fly!) and we choreographed dance moves. It was hot... we didn't perform any choreographed moves due to no DJs had ANY S-N-P... (um, can you really call yrself a DJ if you don't at least have 'Push It'?) We'll be back as S-N-P sometime in the future. Black unitards, boots and oversized satin jackets is the most comfy costume ever. I pretty much want to wear my unitard all the time; my jacket too, but out of context, it's kind of much. and here is Chris... the hamster. I made his fuzzy-wuzzy suit, but not the hood. He wanted to find an extra-large rodent water bottle to carry around, but couldn't find one. Actually, what he REALLY wanted was a big clear ball to roll around in. That didn't happen either. shucks. All photos taken by Teafly. (I am just now posting photos, because I just snagged them from Teafly's Picasa album. Check her blog Support an Artist )


Striped baby sweater

This is my friend Sheareen with Sailor, modeling the baby sweater I made for Sheareen's baby who is due at the end of January. The hood is a bit small (well, on Sailor it's small; hopefully on a newborn it will be just right), but I like the overall fit of the hoodie. I made it from a knit top I had - thought this was a better use of the fabric. Sheareen and I had a chat about zippered sweaters, and how they bug us because the little tab pokes the baby's neck - so I came up with an alternative. Buttons are a bit taboo with baby clothing, but I figure since it's for a little peanut, she won't be yanking or chewing on the buttons for a few months, and by then it won't fit. Plus I kind of hate velcro. Gotta get more snaps.


Roller Derby!!!

I am no longer a Roller Derby virgin. Tonight there was a Renegade Rollergirls bout between the Radar Lovers and the Skull Rollers. Radar Lovers kicked ASS and won their first bout ever! and I would like to think it had something to do with the uniform skirts I made for them: The girls looked so good! Neon green blurs around the rink. Sally ScumF*ck ... aka Lisa, wife of Sailor's Godfather, Spencer. Sailor had fun too - he was entranced by all the rollers. I was in awe of the fights! So crazy how many fights broke out. Ladies just pushing, tripping, smacking each other. bOnkers. Anyway, we had a fantastic time. Chances are we will be at the next bout.


Window at Treefort

This is the window at Treefort which I made the stockings for. Astacia and I decided on the yellow and white theme, and I threw in blue for good measure. We both love the way it turned out - in fact, I think it's the coolest window in downtown Bend.

Baby Food!

I made a batch of yummy baby food, for my sweet little man. Sweet potato & butternut squash combo and beet & spinach combo. Its so yummy, that whatever he doesn't finish, I finish and always want more. Satisfied.


Custom stockings in progress...

These are stockings I am making for a family in Long Beach, CA. I won a bid on Etsy. You can check my Etsy shop here.



If you are walking in downtown Bend, past TREEFORT (the coolest kids store ever) you will see these stockings in the window.



Bend's 2nd Underground Art Festival just happened this past Saturday, 8/2. Ashley and I shared a booth - she sold her amazing feather earrings and I sold reversible tank dresses and plaid scarves. The festival was ripe with creative talent in both the handicraft and musical realms! Here is one of the dresses I made, which my friend Brianna bought.



I have a rack full of custom projects and alterations that need to get done within the week, as Sailor and I are going to visit the grandmamas, but of course, what do I do? Come up with a brilliant (albeit done before) and distracting idea - dog scarves! They are reversible, with one snap, available in a few sizes and will hopefully be in a store soon! This is the culprit whose cuteness started today's side project: Her name is Nanu.