Striped baby sweater

This is my friend Sheareen with Sailor, modeling the baby sweater I made for Sheareen's baby who is due at the end of January. The hood is a bit small (well, on Sailor it's small; hopefully on a newborn it will be just right), but I like the overall fit of the hoodie. I made it from a knit top I had - thought this was a better use of the fabric. Sheareen and I had a chat about zippered sweaters, and how they bug us because the little tab pokes the baby's neck - so I came up with an alternative. Buttons are a bit taboo with baby clothing, but I figure since it's for a little peanut, she won't be yanking or chewing on the buttons for a few months, and by then it won't fit. Plus I kind of hate velcro. Gotta get more snaps.

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